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Traskz Entertainment Group provides altruistic acts with every genre of music. T.E.G. understands Inculcate plus Operose minus Dilatory equals Bellwether! T.E.G. believes Working Diligently with Creative Imaginations balances the artist with the artistry. By Turning on our availability in our Inner Light we be believe others will benefit, prone to judging. “Thy will be done" is T.E.G.’s mantra. T.E.G. isn’t concern with what others think - you are to BE! T.E.G. is here to acquire CREATIVE work that many will not over stand until the work is done. Pansophy!

*******Mission Statement*******
As the Industry Has Progressed from Edison’s Cylinder Recordings -->to Shellac 78rpms, Long-play 45 rpms, & 33 ½ [Vinyl] -->To Eight-Track tapes [Cassettes], -->To Compact Disc [CDs], DVDS, & Finally Now Digital Downloads & Ringtones [Mp3’s]. Traskz Entertainment Group understands the importance’s in why recording studios are relying more and more on digital equipment for Recordings, Engineering, and Mixing! Through Strategic acquisitions of, or strategic alliances with, emerging distribution technology developers, complementary businesses and intellectual property bundles T.E.G. mission is to provide as a brand name provider of high quality popular music entertainment products to the Entertainment Industry and to consumers with Audio Engineering - Mixing - Editing – Programming - Composing - Arranging - Orchestrating - Musicians | Producers | Songwriters - Post Productions and Live Sound Engineering. Traskz Entertainment Group is set to provide a nurturing, stable and financially sound environment, together with individual growth opportunities, to our artists, agents and employees, in order to attract and retain superior talent and personnel necessary to fulfill this mission.

T.E.G.* - For Everything We've Done - & - For Everything That Is To Come To Us in The Future! As President - I Must Say Gratitude is the Memory of One's Heart, Therefore Blessed are those [T.E.G.] That Can Give WITHOUT Remembering & Receiving WITHOUT Forgetting! The Thoughtfulness and Generosity, From You Guys & Gals - Have Taught Most of Us Life's Philosophy. For Every Time We Say Thank You, We Experience Nothing Less Than Heaven on Earth. T.E.G. You are the Charming Garden Who Makes My Soul Blossom! My Heart is Conscious of Everyone Treasures, Which Have Been Plenty Towards Me! In Other Words: * The Only People with Whom *We* Should Try To Get Even With Are Those Who Have Helped Us! [ "What Man Gives Out In Words & In Deeds Returns To Him - What He Gives He Shall Receive" *Life Boomerangs!* *Thank You* - I Appreciate Everyone - Upon Our Journey.

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  • Forget You 3:22
  • Blueberry Vapors 3:49
  • Don't I Deserve4:08
  • Abide 3:50
  • Beat That Back (Clean)3:05
  • Talk To Me3:26
  • Foolish (Clean)4:02
  • Zonin 5:05
  • Bank (Dirty)3:09
  • Professional3:57

Traskz Entertainment Group, LLC.

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