However, we understand our non local clients in other areas & districts may accrue up many additional expenses. 

Literally, commuting & accommodations expenses to Orlando while working with T.E.G can easily exceed Traskz's engineering and studio fees combined forsome.

Fortunately, modern technology gives T.E.G. leverage of the Internet which allows Traskz Entertainment to offer professional audio engineering services & more to everyone both in the U.S. and outside of the U.S. *Now* you can conveniently achieve professional crystal clear sound & more for your projects by Traskz Entertainment Group andsave yourself the extra cost of traveling.​

In addition, T.E.G. provides services for the Film Industry aiding in: Dialogue Editing, Post Mixing & Editing,Voice – Overs / ADR for TV & Movies, Time Alignments, Compositions, Productions, and Instrumentals.

We also offer Private Pro-Tools Classes and Training, Music Lessons, Artist Administrative Services, Fan Building, Branding, & Social Media Services. We have developed unerring procedures which will give you the opportunity to work with Traskz Entertainment, your Music and/or Film have the right to sound as clear and incredible as other artist, director, etc… with mega budgets!

​THIS IS THE CHANCE to have your projects mixed by a qualified Audio Engineer – with a Science Degree in Recording Arts. Not to Mention Entertainment Business & Law! Traskz is conscious of how critical a mix can be to the progress & success of a song. T.E.G. goal is to propose several plans that will assist and benefit clients who, in most cases,would not have the resources to work with Traskz Entertainment.

Our company can help promote artist songs also if you DON'T need us to mix and master your projects professionally - we have promotional packages also. You should let my company help promote your songs We have several packages - we have a bronze package, a silver package, a gold package, a platinum package, and a platinum with distribution.

Bronze gives our clients email blast to our personal contacts for promoting and marketing by sending your material, or songs, or press kit or music videos out directly to our contacts in the industry which include: Labels, DJ's, Promoters, A&R Reps, Managers, Directors, Gaming Audio Production Houses and more. Includes: Brand Sharking, Artist Branding Strategy, Marketing & Branding Building, & Media Development. 

We also have Silver, Gold, & Platinum packages which covers promoting and marketing to some of our friends which we have great including:

*Executive Directors | *Booking Agents | 
*Booking Managers | *A&R Assistants | 
*A&R Directors | *Consultants | *Event Managements
*Concert Managers | *Festival Organizers | 
*Radio Promoters | *Creative Services Managers | 
*Social Media Specialist | *Editorial Assistants | 
*A&R Managers | *A&R Scouts | *Accoumpanist
*Club Managers | *Composers |
*Account Executives | *Graphic Artist | 
*Label Directors | *Licensing Managers | 
*Media Relations | *Brand / Product mangers
*Account Managers | *Board Operators
*Community Music Workers | *Merchandisers | *Administrators | *Admissions Counselors | 
*Music Journalist | *Publishing Managers
*Music Superivisors | *Arrangers |*Artist Liaisoners *Business affair managers | *Artist Managers 
*Box Office Managers and Assistants |
*Associate Producers |  *Choreographers | 
*Program Directors and more 

We're passionate about giving back to the music community.

T.E.G. is now providing our clients worldwide with expert audio services located beautifully in Central Florida [Orlando] we specialize in everything that may meet your unique needs including: Professional Recording, Mixing, Editing, Acoustics/Design Consulting, Vocal Tuning, Vocal Comping, Arranging, Session Conversions, Time Alignments, Compositions, Productions, Instrumentals, Remixing, Album Production,Replication/Duplication, Live Sound Reinforcement / Touring, & Audio Visual Systems Contracting/Installation for our clients musical projects, film/video projects, or conferences/events.


For the past 10 years, We've refined our  techniques and musicianship while taking it upon ourselves to perfect the canon of musical literature that all of the masters before us have successfully confronted.     

We can make your material sound like it should

Performing, composing, arranging, recording, producing, loving.       

Helpful Staff & Pro Quality ​

Traskz Entertainment Group is the place where our staff embraces our clients into an atmosphere where our point of interest is solely into keeping our clients happy. Are you tired of wondering why your songs/material/Instrumentals, etc… don’t have the same quality as the ones you hear on the radio?  Or why your levels on your material don’t sound right or just simply tired of recording in a room that’s not acoustically treated or architected correctly?  Or tired of getting feedback and such in your material or maybe you've got a song and you want to hear professionally mixed, sounding crystal clear and transferred to a either CD’s, iPods, iPhones, iPads, iTunes, Mp3 Players, Etc… for others to enjoy?  Maybe you have equipment and don’t know how to set it up, such as: flat screen monitors with computers, syncing devices with audio equipment, setting up audio equipment, etc….  No Need to LO_OK any further, WE’RE the place with expert musicians & engineers that will help you finish your material and get it to a Pro level. Don't record your material in a bedroom or at a friend's house without having it professionally installed. Let us get your sound right!

​[Need help setting up and getting sound out of those speakers or any other audio / video equipment???]


Magnificent. Simply magnificent.
At the conclusion of the concert, I was left breathless. Literally. I required the use of oxygen [@Luck Music]​
This is how angels sound in springtime.
Traskz made my Mix sound angelic wouldn't allow us to stop listening, 3am still listening!!! Encore after encore ensued, culminating in 

Twitter: @Jobee4eva [Recording Artist]


Why Traskz Entertainment Group???

  • Professional3:57
  • Talk To Me3:26
  • Blueberry Vapors 3:49
  • Abide 3:50
  • Zonin 5:05
  • Don't I Deserve4:08
  • Forget You 3:22
  • Bank (Dirty)3:09
  • Beat That Back (Clean)3:05
  • Foolish (Clean)4:02

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